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The Circular Plastic Economy Innovation hub will investigate how universities can drive a thriving ecosystem to support and develop waste to wealth ventures.


This project will evaluate how key players can combine effort to build capacity and strengthen the possibility of innovations happening in society. Such synergies bring about technical efficiency which is an opportunity to leverage digital transformation to leapfrog some of the most critical sectors of the circular economy in Africa.

Building a culture of innovation in universities is paramount for these possibilities and a budding ecosystem provides an encouraging environment for innovation to occur. An enabling eco-system will help create, transform, and communicate knowledge therefore improving student employability and nurturing innovations for converting waste into useful products.

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Aims of the Hub

Our goal is to investigate how universities can drive a thriving ecosystem for innovation & entrepreneurship in the circular plastic economy (waste to wealth).


  • Identify and map out relevant stakeholders, institutions and enabling conditions for a thriving circular plastic economy ecosystem
  • Understand the skills and environment needed in universities to foster innovation and entrepreneurship for the circular plastic economy
  • Develop suitable capacity building and collaboration models for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the circular plastic economy


  • Universities
  • University Students - particularly research students (MSc/PhD) and/or students studying environmental management or any related course of study
  • Community residents
  • Government organizations
  • Waste management companies
  • Private organizations with waste management/recycling challenges

Funded by the British Council's Innovation for African Universities Project


The CPIN Portal

An Ecosystem connecting Academic Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Investors

We are connecting potential investors with visionary entrepreneurs, academic innovators & startups that are building circular plastic solutions worth investing in.

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